Wrecking Ball(oon)

The title of the installation refers to the contrast between heaviness and lightness, i.e. the determinants used to classify industry. Heavy industry of the modern era subjugated the community and chained it to one place for a lifetime. Moreover, its destructive nature caused irreversible devastation of the natural and housing environment.
Light industry of the modern era has an elusive and migratory character, constantly threatening to relocate to areas offering most preferable conditions. In the social dimension, it does not feel responsible for forging bonds with employees, which results in a psychological sense of instability.
The form of the object titled Wrecking Ball(oon) uses the element of surprise and uncertainty concerning its structure: although it seems to be heavy and solid, in fact it is a light balloon.
An interesting reference to the exhibition venue is the fact that the ability to turn a steel ball used to indicate the turner’s craftsmanship.


photo: Olga Jasnowska

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