Immunological Recollection

Artists Sebastian Buczek
Genre Sound
Edition Survival 14

Sound Art Forum
curator: Daniel Brożek


The score for the composition was made by an organism fighting a disease while the instrument was single-handedly made by the patient. The score as biorhythm is based on the body’s  life processes, and the construction of the  instrument refers to the acoustic-articulation  properties and construction of the colon and  anus. This composing gesture breaks off with  the classically-understood abstract character  of music in favour of corporeality of the  sonic experience, reduced to the most basic  elements. The instrument is synonymous  with a bodily organ while the musical piece is a registration of the body’s functioning. There  is no room here either for Cage’s randomness,  which could be suggested by conscious omission  of the process of composition, or conceptualism,  which reduces the creative process to  an algorithm-recipe for a self-producing piece.  What we are listening to is Sebastian Buczek  himself, the rhythm of his illness, the sounds  of the processes occurring inside him. Sound  art promises to enter the structure of sound,  immerse in its essence. Sebastian Buczek  becomes sound.

* * *

The instrument is conceived of as a silicone pipe the  size of a saxophone, with lids or other elements for  changing the frequency and a closing outlet that  makes it possible to change sound articulation to  a degree greater than in a saxophone. Closing the  pipe’s outlet and adjusting the size of this outlet to  a varying degree, until complete closure, could be  a way of obtaining many original sounds. The form  of the construction would refer to the construction of  the colon and anus, with the sphincter situated at the  end of a long pipe. It is funny that each of us has been  experiencing the musical potential of this organ since  childhood. Probably, however, the sense of smell has  dominated the sense of hearing by endowing these  anus-generated sounds with embarrassing character and forcing the sound producers to seek refuge in  isolated places and feel ashamed of their composing  activities.  However, when faced with death, all culture-induced  inhibitions and social blocks disappear. I wish for  my instrument to become a work of art, a living  instrument used to play not just my score, but to win  renown and find its virtuosos, just as it happened  with Adolphe Sax’s invention … 

* * *

I began writing a diary and jotted down the thickness  and number of poops … I also kept track of what I ate  … I later observed that the textual representation  of these data was completely unclear. It was hard to  see at a glance what I ate, what happened and when  a given phenomenon occurred …  I felt very bad and I thought for a long time about  making a graph. I took a lot of drugs and dietary  supplements, vitamins; I figured out that the graph  would provide me with information about what was  working and how … I started drawing a poop line  and marked a curve of silver and gold used by my  Siberian healer. My condition would not improve for  a long time and the curves oscillated at minimum  levels. The poop curve, the energy curve and the optimism  curve. While making the graph, which was  accompanied by a mini-diary, I experimented with  different healing methods until the colon curve slowly  began to grow … while the energy curve reached the  drastic minimums less frequently … By that time,  I had already marked ten symptoms, apart from the  most common sounds.  The composition probably started to change thanks  to the treatment, and the disease began to subside! …  The lines started to behave differently.  I marked the observed symptoms in the rows in  a table below the main graph. These rows resembled  the system of sound notation.  In this way, I began to think about the graph in terms  of a peculiar score.  As I was gaining strength, I wondered what these  notations would sound like if they were performed by  a group of instrumentalists or a choir. 

It seemed to me that recreating this notation could be  helpful in understanding the cycles or rhythms, or perhaps  in discovering an invisible factor that influenced  my health and well-being …  The graph drew lines, very chaotic and unpredictably  volatile; the only regularity seemed to be the consecutive  periods of drowsiness and periods dominated by  headaches and breathing difficulties.  At times of powerful Crisis and weakness, when I drew  my lines with a pencil, I would immerse in hour-long  states when I was catching “my last breath”, mired in  despair, drained and weak. Shaking, sweating, with  my heart racing.  Interestingly, my state of health was not reflected  in the test results. I was not running a fever, I only  had increased levels of bilirubin. In the opinion of  the “attending” physician, I was as fit as a fiddle.  Meanwhile, my disease is just “an immunological  recollection.”



SBG – zonal headache or migraine.
WĄTROBA (LIVER) – stabbing pain in the right side, under the ribs or at the back.
ZG – vertigo.
SP – chapped cheeks.
STAWY – pain in knee, hip and shoulder joints, swollen hands.
EMO – unnatural excess of emotions, irritability.
DEPR – depression, occurring unexpectedly and vanishing equally unexpectedly.
DP – shaking palsy.
DOD – strange spiritual sensations. Strong DOD is the experience of the existence and closeness of the so-called Hell.


photo: Olga Jasnowska

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