No Entry

Artists Jacek Zachodny
Genre Video
Edition Survival 13

cooperation: Wojciech Kozłowski (Kozioł), Marcin Mierzicki, Wołodymyr Topyj-Wowa

In his film titled No Entry, Jacek Zachodny initiates an urban game – by climbing over various fences, he reaches places where access is usually denied. Being used to fencing off and closing down certain urban spaces, we eventually stop wondering: why is this fence here? What is it protecting? What is hidden beyond it, and what would happen if I got through? Meanwhile, going across it can be liberating. Zachodny invites us to participate in an action on the edge of the law – to venture through the city, with all its walls and fences, reach the isolated nooks and crannies and eliminate the division into private and public spaces. What would the streets and pathways look like without all those fences?

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