Artists Piotr Kmita
Genre Installation
Edition Survival 8

Piotr Kmita’s work ‘Everywhere’ was both funny and bitter. It referred to Stanisław Dróżdż’s famous realisation ‘Was, Is, Will Be’, known also as ‘The Hourglass’,  which was installed on the elevation of the bunker. Kmita proposed a minor interference (only in a photograph of the bunker with Dróżdż’s work – it was another work in the series of shown only as documentation) in the already classical masterpiece; so minor in fact that it remained unnoticed by most of the visitors. Substituting the words ‘was’, ‘is’ and ‘will be’ with others (‘everywhere’, ‘fucking’, ‘animals’) escaped the visitors’ notice because of using the same print and proportions of inscriptions as in the original work of the outstanding artist from Wrocław. Thus a commentary was made about the superficiality of reception of large­scale announcements in the public space and a general lack of attention which characterises the present time, which is supersaturated with infoglut in which it is dif­ficult to single out what is authentic, resulting from a true need and not oriented towards profit.


photo:  Katarzyna Kondratczyk

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