Youth of the End, 2020

The installation by Joanna Pietrowicz, which is a sculpture made of second-hand clothes, is a fraction of the clothing waste, largely plastic, which is deposited in landfills all over the world. Here, stacked in a pile, the garments dazzle with inscriptions – words of wisdom fed to us by T-shirts, sweatshirts or dresses proclaiming “truths” about life, happiness, future, dreams and love. This absurd polyphony of inscriptions printed on clothes can be viewed as a reflection on today’s reality. The use of such lofty and ambiguous terms for marketing and sales purposes testifies to the devaluation of the meaning of the word in public space. The sequence of words proposed by the artist is arbitrary – the work can be read in a different order, depending on the viewer’s perspective.


photo: Małgorzata Kujda

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