Artists Daria Milecka
Genre Installation
Edition Survival 9

‘As long as space exists, and as long as sentient beings endure, may I, too, abide, to dispel the misery of the world’ – this sentence, taken from ancient Buddhist scriptures, in Daria Milecka’s opinion corresponds with the work of the patron of the park Professor S. Tołpa, i.e. refers to the idea of saving human lives (Tołpa spent decades trying to create a cure for cancer, but his peat preparation’s anti-cancer properties have never been confirmed). The sentence, written in white paint on the curb in one of stone alleys, was visible only for a short while –it was washed away by a sudden downpour just before the vernissage. The artist decided not to re-create it. Therefore the connection between the artwork and Stanisław Tołpa and his noble idea, which was never realised, became even more apparent.


photo: Justyna Fedec