Forgotten Objects

Artists Paweł Marcinek
Genre Installation
Edition Survival 11

The objects situated under a tree next to an embankment by the Oder could easily be missed or considered to have been arranged haphazardly. They could be found or forgotten items. Like many other works at Survival, they surprised strollers heading towards the Gondola Bay.
The installation picked up on a certain element of painterliness. The items looked like rubbish, abandoned in the forest or by a dustbin: an old tv set, a broken chair. Their unobvious character became visible when we thought about the creative process – the right objects had to be found and chosen by the artist, thus elevated to become a work of art, and then artificially demoted. The moss which covered them was not natural – the items were purposefully hidden in the park. Those who overlooked them did not experience a feeling of losing out on anything – the work seemed to suggest that it did not need the recipient, although it was due to artistic effort that it could remain hidden.

> Antoni Burzyński


photo: Peter Kreibich