The Golden Fleece

Artists Kamil Moskowczenko
Genre Painting
Edition Survival 16

The work under the title The Golden Fleece is a painterly interpretation of the mythological expedition of Jason and the Argonauts for the fleece of the gold-haired ram Chrysomallos of Colchis. The mythical golden fleece is a symbol of unattainable riches that simultaneously motivates people to act and fuels their destructive instincts. By using a strong gesture and a stain of colour that is subject to a force akin to multidirectional gravity, Kamil Moskowczenko’s painting opens up an area for symbolic interpretations. The character of the depicted space suggests un unreal setting, perhaps a mythical world, a prophetic vision or a dream. Thus the historical aspect of the motif gives way to a more universal symbolic order, in which the treasure and the quest for it lie in the internal world of a human being, in the collection of motifs and contents shared by the entire humanity. The fact that the painting lacks a hero could suggest that it is the onlooker who is supposed to eventually reach the “golden fleece” through personal experiences.


photo: Małgorzata Kujda