Archeology WROH2O ‘The Obvious Quote’

Artists Mira Boczniowicz
Genre Action   Video
Edition Survival 11

“Underwater archeology uncovers the river at its bottom, reveals the material remains of human actions, makes the invisible visible. The work would be a kind of walk among the normally invisible organic processes, which are hidden under the water, as well as an investigation of social and cultural influences in the area of Wrocław. A journey following the traces of human activity and the impact of the aquatic element would be registered by a photo and video camera. The film recorded during the underwater walk would be a documentary with elements of an experimental film due to the surprising effects caused by muddiness and other natural conditions.”
[The underwater ‘walk’ mentioned by the artist took place several days before the Review. Specialist recording equipment was used to make a documentary which was screened in the festival club on the first three evenings of Survival.]

> Mira Boczniowicz

/fragment of a text written by the artist/


photo: Peter Kreibich