Daily Mutations

Artists Rafał Żarski
Genre Druk   Rysunek
Edition Survival 20
  • drawing, print on fabric
  • 2022

The work belongs to a series of vector drawings developed by the artist since 2017. The eponymous mutations refer to the relations occurring at the level of social structures in the context of neoliberal systems regulating work, free time, competition and consumption. The three compositions address the broadly under-stood efficiency, which is an indispensable factor for the proper functioning of the current systems of labour. The productivity principle is connected with a number of improvement processes in the workplace, which also pen-etrate into the private sphere. Being productive means being healthy, strong, disciplined, creative, sociable, etc. Becoming more productive is a continuous process of meeting certain standards and requirements, which may be accelerated by pharmaceutical services, training, personal coaching, therapies or diets. The drawings are an attempt to illustrate social entanglement in these processes. The minimalist aesthetics in the form of duplicating simple figures is intended to reduce complexity and simplify processes to schematic diagrams, which can trigger associations with both magical symbolism and the simplified visual language of late capitalism.

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