My Favourite Job

Artists Sashko (Polski) Protyah
Genre Video
Edition Survival 21
  • video, 32’18”, 2022

Those who have survived the blockade of Mariupol and the war with the Russian Federation may find some footage and conversations in this film disturbing. From the 10th to the 17th minute in the film, the sound of an air raid siren can be heard. If you do not feel up to looking at the war again, watch the film later. Take care of yourself first!

Sashko Protyah is a film director and co-founde of Freefilmers, a cinematographic movemen and NGO from Mariupol. The city was encircled by Russian troops on 1 March 2022 and its territory has been completely occupied since 20 May 2022, making attempts to help civilians and document war crimes extremely dangerous. It is estimated that 20,000 civilians lost their lives following the siege, 75% of the city’s population were displaced or deported to the territory of Russian Federation, and about 90% of the buildings were damaged in what has been labelled an urbicide. „My Favourite Job” is an experimental film whose main protagonists, Ania and Yura, are volunteers in a grassroots self-organised initiative of drivers helping to evacuate people from Mariupol. The film includes videos shot with the volunteers’ mobile phone, images from Protyah’s personal archive and animation models. Any attempt of documentation carries a risk of death by the occupying army as any footage may contain evidence of war crimes.

In summer 2022, Ania, Yura and their fellow volunteers created the Independent Nation charity fund: The fund constantly needs financial support. You can find ways to donate on their website.