• video installation, steel, extruded polysterene, oil on board, 11’00”, 2022

“Window” was inspired by an event witnessed by Myszkowski, which he describes as surreal: “On 25 May 2022, in the centre of Krakow, I saw a puzzling situation: a person was sticking her head out of a white limousine window, slapping her hand against its bodywork and shouting: ‘We’re flying on a plane! Wooohooo!’” For the artist, the airplane window is a symbol of post-modern society, in which technology and travel have become twenty-first century icons. The speed of an airplane soaring into the sky used to be a dreamlike symbol of transformation proving man’s newly acquired possibilities. The view through the window was breathtaking, inspiring and literally expanding the horizons of the perceived world. Globalisation has led to the proliferation of affordable air travel, which, in addition to recreational trips, has also provided easy access to better-paying jobs or seasonal work somewhere in the West. In a time of constant global movement of goods and people, where the whole world creates an Infinite number of connections, the artist views the oval window as a symbol of modern processes blurring the boundaries between reality and the generated image, which no longer has to be real to be true. When looking through the Window, it is no longer necessary to fasten your seatbelt or clap after landing, as the beginning and end is a set of algorithms. The animation, constantly interpenetrating reality, is a negation of motion, while the warped view gives an illusion of constantly recreating itself.

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