Artists Marcin Łuczkowski
Genre Sculpture
Edition Survival 12

curatorial project: „Quarantena”
curator: Magdalena Zięba

Łuczkowski’s work referred to the mental life of a young man and the internal anxiety that devours him. The feeling of fear and shame is a contemporary plague, and this work reflected it. It was a suitable piece for interpretation in the spirit of psychoanalysis; the drawings and various objects scattered in a cramped room gave the impression of materialised dreams and nightmares from inside the artist’s head, who was speaking here on his own behalf. This world was peopled with monstrous naked creatures, with disproportionately large or small body parts, often mutilated, accompanied by lots of eroticism and violence. The installation resembled a madman’s workshop, who compulsively spewed out the ill products of his own imagination all across the room. This poignant installation talked about chaos in the head: creative chaos as well as destructive, about art. that turns into a heap of rubbish, and about death.

> Magda Ujma


photo: Justyna Fedec