The gothic St. Michael’s church, although across ul. Wyszyńskiego, is well visible from the S. Tołpa Park. Against such background, among the greenery of lawns, bushes and trees, the scene of Revelation was being played. Dy Tagowska, who was wearing shepherdess’s clothes as if taken from kitsch religious pictures given to children, and headgear resembling a nun’s veil, knelt in front of a strangely futuristic cavern. It was difficult to make out anything inside the black interior of the vaulted object. Both the artist (praying?) and accidental passers-by were clearly waiting for something… After some time the artist turned around and got up because an elderly man wanted to take a photo with her. Somebody entered inside the ‘cavern’, somebody else recorded the situation.


photo: Justyna Fedec (1, 2), Peter Kreibich (3)