Academy of Art in Szczecin, Faculty of Painting and New Media, Audiovisual and Performative Actions Studio
works made under the supervision of Dariusz Fodczuk


“Flats offering decent living conditions at affordable  prices have long been a thorny issue  in Poland. Prices of flats are incompatible  with the earnings of a significant part  of the Polish society. However, not having  a physical place of living does not mean not  having one’s place as such. In the article  titled The Shape of Non-Dwelling, Marianna  Michałowska writes:
‘Non-dwelling does not necessarily equal  a loss of identity; nowadays, it could just as  well become a conscious decision, which is  tantamount to concluding that only by not  having a permanent place can we be ourselves.  The deliberate decision to not settle down in  one place does not exclude the possibility of  establishing bonds or developing a sense of  attachment, but leads to their redefinition.  Mobility could become a constituent part of  interpersonal relationships. It contains an element  of memory and oblivion; the need to  focus on the present moment as well as the  need to remember.’”


photo: Wojciech Chrubasik