Monument to Endless Disappointment, 2021

  • installation

Disappointment is a feeling experienced from an early age. One of the earliest memories associated with it is when the fun is interrupted. This can happen, for example, during a dynamic game, when the ball is unintentionally kicked too far, gets stuck in a tree or falls into water. Such an unexpected event is usually accompanied by a loud sigh of the whole disappointed group of game participants. Unable to continue, the players must engage in a desperate attempt to retrieve the item. Sometimes, however, the ball cannot be recovered. In such a situation, it becomes a symbol of an interrupted game, a break forced by the circumstances and impatient waiting for the resumption – as soon as the ball can be brought back from the tree or water. In the presented installation, however, the ball will always be out of reach; transformed into a fountain, against its original purpose, it will never be used for fun, remaining in the water forever. The moment of uncertainty, usually brief, extends indefinitely, brutally postponing the continuation of the game. But will it ever be possible to resume the game?

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