Artists Joanna Pawlik
Genre Performance   Video
Edition Survival 12

costume design: Monika Drożyńska

Climbing stairs is not a particularly fascinating activity. At least, this is the opinion of people who fail to observe everyday life carefully and do not see how much pleasure – or trouble – seemingly trivial and unimportant details can bring. Climbing stairs can become a considerable challenge, especially if it is a time trial to climb the long and steep stairs in the former Faculty of Pharmacy building. These stairs begin right in the entry hall, and separate into two stately and well-visible flights. Wearing a specially designed outfit, made just for the occasion, the artist went up right to the top. Her costume somewhat resembled a roll of bandages crossed with a futuristic uniform. She looked nothing like Maria Stangret in Tadeusz Kantor’s well-known performance, when she was wrapped in paper from head to toe; instead, Pawlik resembled a futuristic three-legged creature. The artist’s disability became a novel and individual quality in this performance.

> Magda Ujma


photo: Justyna Fedec

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