Blue Galaxies

Artists Maria Pajek
Edition Survival 12

Blue Galaxies was one of those works in this year’s SURVIVAL that drew on individual experience. At a glance, it seemed to consist of abstract images, resembling satellite pictures (perhaps with reversed colours) showing stars, galaxies and constellations scattered across a limitless space. Upon closer examination, however, they turned out to be the opposite – close-ups of bruises on human body. The visual similarity between these two things emphasised the surprising similarity of such distant matters. It is equally impossibly to reach the space and to experience the feelings of another human being. In spite of social issues that came to mind when looking at the work, Pajek refrained from suggesting anything like that, using the photographs only to create an abstract ornament, a designer’s piece that perfectly fit in with the closets.

> Antoni Burzyński


photo: Peter Kreibich

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