#socialurbanisation, 2021

Artists Anna Raczyńska
Genre Druk
Edition Survival 19
  • printing on glass

The work alludes to the Polish saying that someone has straw sticking out of their shoes. Usually it is a metaphorical reference to this person’s rural origin, and consequently – their lack of manners and propriety. Raczyńska, who herself comes from a small town, poses a question about the relationship between social status and background by presenting an imprint of Nike Air shoes on glass shaped like the iPhone 11. Straw is sticking out of the shoes. However, the use to the must-have attributes of a stylish lifestyle combined with a clear reference to the aforementioned saying does not lead to an unambiguous diagnosis. In this case, what seems to matter more is the attitude to the object, the connection between the form and content. Also, perhaps most importantly, the work raises the question about who plays the role of an authority in fashion, elegance and good taste.

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