Seed Capital

Artists Robert Maskos
Genre Object
Edition Survival 16

For quite some time, the artist has been interested in industry. He often goes on trips outside Wrocław to photograph or draw industrial facilities. They are usually underappreciated and fall into ruin unnoticed. Without doubt, they are a form of capital that has recently been shrinking. Each week another historical industrial object disappears from the map of Wrocław. Examples from the recent past include the Gasworks in Tęczowa St and the Brick Factory in Węglowa St, which were demolished to make room for residential housing. To protest, Maskos has decided to make a diorama showing an industrial object situated in Wrocław. He chose an anonymous hall which is currently used as rubble dumping site in Jerzmanowska St (51.123N, 16.902E).


photo: Małgorzata Kujda

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