Muthesius Kunsthochschule in Kiel, Lehrgebiet Freie Kunst
Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel, Faculty of Fine Arts
work made under the supervision of Piotr Nathan


“What makes money – money? What symbols,  colours, drawings and formats endow a banknote  with its worth, and how can money be  abstracted? Our cultures are characterised  by differences regarding the currency – for  this reason we would like to compare and  contrast banknotes used in Kazakhstan and  Guatemala. The differences stem from the  size, colours, format, and value of each bill.  Our banknotes are produced using the technique  of rotogravure. The figures, drawings  and images on the banknotes are abstracted  and their structures overlap.”
G.S., D.S.B.


photo: Wojciech Chrubasik