Artists Michał Gdak
Genre Installation
Edition Survival 10

In Triangle, the ‘Oławka’ stadium was put in one row with the Municipal Stadium, built especially for the Euro 2012, and the historical Olympic Stadium. All three of them were represented on a pitch as goals which were part of a triangle, keeping the distance between them at a scale. The sizes of the goals were supposed to reflect their importance to the local community, whether they belong to the inhabitants of Wrocław or whether they are simply situated in Wrocław, external towards the local people. The goal representing the Municipal Stadium not only was located at the furthest corner of the triangle – it was also the smallest. The figure drawn on the field of ‘Oławka’ should also be interpreted as a tribute to the neighbourhood – the so-called Bermuda Triangle – whose notoriety was made immortal in Lecha Janerka’s song Beware of These Places.

Kuba Żary


photo: Justyna Fedec

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